Day 47 – Everything has already happened

I am going to allow me to play with this concept.

Everything has already happen. Because when I see something, it’s always past, and I know past very well. So when I see something, if I trully see instead of projecting my mind into it, am I seeing? How can I say that? If everything comes from everything has already happen, and I am in the task of allowing that, when that is completed, will there be something else for me to say? I doubt that, I really doubt that. There will be nothing, life will be completed. So, then, what is life? What are we here for? If life has already happened, what is our purpose? Do we exist? What is a purpose, when you are every possibility? Nothing exists, no experiences. Then our purpose is to express oness. Children remember what they are, and if we force them to accept the system in them, they feel that they are living again, that they were more before, even before being borned. They know that they were doing something for this world, they did their part, trying to realize themselves even more, and if they come to this life and we force them to put the system of this world into them, they loose their purpose.

So what is oness? Can we name it? What are words? Are words there for us to realize that we are more? Is our living experience more than it can be expressed through words? From where does everything come from? From yourself. I feel very, very misslead to talk about oness in anyway whatsoever. It’s not of this world, it’s something alive. I am going to leave it here, I deserve to forgive myself and be more than everything about this. Sel-honesty, self-responsability, self-forgiveness, self-support. This world is you, everything is about you. Who are you? Don’t abuse it. Bye.


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