Day 48 – Self-responsability

This is some support to understand the word self-responsability.

Self-responsability means that you are ready to bring solutions, to yourself, that you are ready to end this life and bring the best of you. Everytime we look at others in terms of blame, or reactions, we are not creating the solution in us. We believe that we can “help” others without helping ourselves, and it doesn’t work like that, you can never help or understand if you are judging and reacting, and when you are reactive you never want to help even if you say so, you simply can’t solve yourself and you put that responsability into the other person. The solution is, don’t judge, don’t judge yourself in first place, because when you judge others you are judging yourself in the same way. If we want to support this world, how can we support it when we are judging it and enslaving it? But in first place, why are we doing that to ourselves? Instead of understanding that everybody is the same life, equally, and we all have the same chances, the same potentials, we just need someone to show us how unconditional is life. Because, unfortunatelly, when we are borned in this world the world doesn’t support our unconditional expression, and we need to understand and remember who we really are. And that is the greatest support for this world, when you forgive yourself, you are forgiving others, and it doesn’t matter if they are not doing the same really, you are forgiving yourself in first place for you, for your own life, and what happens is that when you grow up to a better vertion of yourself, and you take that responsability, you are supporting this world. And isn’t that great? That you are not only helping you but, helping the entire world around you understand the unconditional expression of life? And then it doesn’t matter what they do, you are yourself. But why is it hard to accept this? Because we are used to react, and compare points in our minds and ego, and it’s just not needed, there are things much much more real than that, much more supportive, and the fact is that you are simply enslaved to choose between those points in your mind and react, and from that slavery you believe you have free choice, but it’s not. When you have free choice, you always choose to support. Why wouldn’t you? But this leads me to something I am developing currently. And it’s that, I must always, always choose to support myself or I won’t be able to support this world, and I don’t even want to support this world, this world doesn’t exist, it’s me. I sometimes project myself to the outter world, I project my reality in there, in situations or people, and everytime I do that I give up my responsability, I am at mercy of the result, the result defines me, it has power over me, and I do that because I was not aware, that I must support myself unconditionally. I have conditioned myself through my life to feel selfish when I do that, when I choose that myself is more important, but I never regret supporting myself unconditionally. I do regret when situations or people define me, and I am there like “helping”. What I am doing is not being aware that I can’t help anybody, they must help themselves, my responsability is with myself, and it must be there infinitelly to really be able to be something in this life that supports me.

So, self-responsability means unconditionally forgiving my reactions and judgements, understanding that the whole world is my inner experience, and accepting that I belong to the unconditional expression of life in all possible situations.

I only have to support myself, and I am not even able to support myself, isn’t it tricky? It happens to me when I start going fast and fast. I mean I can create a complete fuck up in one second if I choose to act fast react and just create a result, everytime I do that I find myself in the same fuck up. The solution is being aware, slow down, breath. You never regret self-responsability.


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