Day 49 – Realization of equality

I need to talk about this, please. I would like to pretend that I am not doing it, but I still doing it. When I see people, I judge them, in first place I judge them and then anything will happen, I will create any bullshit, but the truth is that I can’t treat people equally, I judge them. And it’s always a judgement, like if I was taking the debilities of the person, and seeing who he is entirely, and seeing why I am superior. This happens to me specially with people who is different to me, who make different decitions than the ones I would make. It’s like if I thought, what you are doing it’s not perfect, you are inferior. I want to say some things about this.

I am judging people, because I am not accepting that they are parts of me. I am not accepting, that I don’t have to judge them, because we are all life. Why do I judge them based on their weak and their stronge points? Even if they are missing something in their life, even if they are not perfect, what am I missing about me? Can’t I just simply put my potential to the benefit of life, and stop all comparisons? Why do I need to quantify the lifes of the people? Why do I believe myself to be someone who doesn’t need to learn? Why do I stop myself to realize myself as life?

I am not superior to anybody, doesn’t matter who they are, what they are, we are all parts of the same. Why would I choose to get benefit for myself? It’s not who I want to be. I want to develop my potential, I am going to be a very big potential, and hear me I am nothing, I don’t want anything, I don’t want anything but to help you realize life, I want us to realize that together, I want to learn from you, you have things that only you can show to this world.

I’ll explain. Everything, is my universe. And in my universe what happens is, I am helping every single part, there is not a single part I am not helping. Because we are all of you, that are me, going with me to realize ourselves. We all will be solved, we all will be what I am, that is myself in everything. And I want to be there, and know that I helped myself, I know me, I know me. I think I remember me, I feel me. Before being divided in parts in this life, me, was nothing, and I was all that existed. And in there I was not alone, from there I could know other things. So, we, in this life, we are all being supported by all the support that I can generate, because that is the greatest gift I can give to myself, and I can’t sell this, I don’t want to sell it, I want nothing. I want to be me. This I have waited a long time to tell to myself, because I perceived myself as, like if I deserved something, and love wasn’t cool because it didn’t benefit me. And I created a curious relationship with the word love, it became the denial of my bigger self. Love meant that I was every part of myself, so I rejected love, I didn’t want to see it, I started to not being able to express it, I decided that it was something that didn’t benefit me, and this was all done by my mind. Love doesn’t mean anything, it’s simply me supporting all that exists, what if I could support everything that exists? I would develop this life so much, and when I die, I will be able to meet who I am and forgive myself for that and for everything, and from there keep seeing things, because you simply become the point after the forgiveness, you can’t dissapear, you won’t dissapear, if you forgive yourself how are you going to dissapear?

Is it possible? That I am everything that exists? Of course it is. I accepted the mind, that doesn’t mean that exist something that it’s not me.

I am not going to compare, I am not going to care if you are better or worse, what does even better or worse mean? It means that something missing in you or me can exist. How is that going to be? You can only be better than me if I believe that support doesn’t exist, and you can only be worse than me if I am not supporting you. If I perceive you are better and I am less, or I am less and you are better, I am either way supporting you realize support. Who are we if we support each other? Are we our true nature? If you are evil, and I support you realize yourself, who are you and who are me? Am I in this life to realize everything? Yes I am.

I feel that all these points have been created since I was a child, when I saw how was this world and I started selling myself to the world and losing what I was. I let a point there, before every point I created in my mind, to remember that I was giving up the truth.

My mind is based on cool things, things that are good, because I decided to be good in this life, because in this life the good is accepted, my mind consists of other side that it’s the repressed bad side of it that I have collected through life. But I like when things are equal, and equal means nothingness. And nothingness means support for everything. Support for everything can be a key to self-realization. I feel confident to be support for everything, I deserve all the support to create myself, and all the world deserves the same.

So, in resumen, I am sorry I have judged a part of myself, I am helping that part of me, so that when I see people I support them. You deserve the recognition of what you are, that is equal to me. And from this point, would be cool to know other people who are in the same point. I don’t want to deceive myself believing that a superior being is someone famous or super rich or successfull, that being will be missing the first point I just explained, he is not at allll superior in any way. So it’s like if there was people in this world who understand equality, and they know you can only go in there alone, and you can only go to that door alone. And we are there in the same path, wondering, are we alone? And yes the everything is alone, the everything is you, this life is one not severals, nothing could possibly not be you, everything is based on your perception, you can’t affirm that any other thing exists, maybe the information we have seen about this world it’s not what it seems. We know that there are other people existing in this planet but, are they separated? Are they? Or they follow the exact same path that you are in? They are not existing in the same moment than you, because nothing separated exists, this is everything you will ever now, the rest are pure assumptions in also your inner reality (probably to deffend the existence of your world), maybe we should reconsiderate who will we answer to for our life when we get to the afterlife. I feel I have already been here, at this point, maybe I felt it as a young child, or as a nothingness that was realized in itself.


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