Day 50 – Death

I’d like to talk about death. Physical death.

Death will mean that you will have to leave all your story, all your memories that you still attached to. And within this, you will be able to see that you were not the unconditional expression of yourself, you were attached to systems, feelins, emotions, you, yourself. You acted based on the experience, and not based on yourself. And we all equally know this, because in our lives we have a point of self-expression and self-creation, and with the time we start limiting it, we asfixiet it. And we do it because we feel we can, we can do it, we have the potential, so why not abuse it. If we can, why not? And then when we have limited it, it’s even easier to limit it. Because that point was one, and the limitations can be many. So we reach a point where we are divided in parts, we become those parts in our minds, without realizing that we ourselves created them, and we forget who we were, that was the creator, and we get lost in a labyrinth. It’s never about solving each part of the labyrinth, it’s about understanding the parts that we consist of, how we created them, the solution is seeing it as a whole, and realizing that you only have to carry yourself, and face yourself once, and then the world it’s the world, you will even do a good for the world if you don’t sacrifice yourself for it.

And why are we one? That’s a curious question. I’m not sure, I can’t tell you. It’s how life is, you can be life, totally, but you can’t understand it. And why, would you even try to understand yourself, what is the need? The mind convinced us of this, it has become an habit to abuse life instead of experience it. It requires courage to see the easiest thing. But, can you see what you are looking for? Do you know what is it that you are looking for? What if it was inside of you? I know it scares, to imagine that we are that that we are seeking, that we are already in us. But don’t waste your life, chasing yourself, projecting yourself into another, another person, or experience. As a child I dreamed of someone, and it was very beautiful, I can’t tell you how beautiful that person was. But beautiful is just a word, it was an experience, of knowing something that you know deep within yourself is right, because you want that, you are seeking that, it would make you be able to express something that is more than you. I searched for that person in my dreams as a child, and that search programmed my whole life, because I accepted that something else than me existed. What if all your desires, your dreams, everything you have dreamed of, specially that person that you see in your dreams that you say it’s the most beautiful being because makes you feel like in a dream, like if you were eternal and simply an instant in the everything that comes and go. What if that were you. Would you accept the responsability? If you knew, that you can be the person you dream of? Who would you be then? What would you become? You are the only thing in this world that can become that, and you will never regret it. It just breaks all your ideas and systems, and you feel you don’t need finally to keep doing it, you can express yourself freely like you once did. This thing is not in the words, it’s in you, it’s simply life, this life is a different life, where we are here feeling the energy, and we will someday go to rest again, rest meaning meeting that part of you for real, really going there totally, the absolute journey out of the words experience. Why did we forget this that we are? For us to not be able to support this world, because this world denies your support, but it’s the only thing that it needs, it really is asking you to please bring yourself here, and direct it, he has nothing against you, it’s in pain, and it’s slowly but surely realizing itself.

So death is not “deaaaath”, death is just death, it’s in fact something cool, I really want to experience it, and remember what are my dreams made of, from where do they all come from. Can you imagine? Going forever out of controll to meet your dreams and realize even more who you already are? Who you were before anything? And then you find the point, the starting point, and from there a whole world exists. And if you decide to come here again, you must know, you are here to support this world, not to lose yourself in the pain that lives in here.

Isn’t it amazing that death means self-realization? So then don’t lose time with deception, fear, and pain, die in such a way that you can see yourself reflected in every memory, what an amazing experience would that be? You are simply going to death to meet yourself, and you can say goodbye without separation. You have accepted everything in your life, so what is the problem? Even if you have memories to face, you will want to do it, because it’s needed for you, to purify yourself, to understand who you really are. Isn’t such a responsability to know who you are? And within the responsability, the truth.

If you follow this, you will purify your body from your mind by yourself. It just can’t no longer exist, because each time it becomes less and less and less. And you go back to your natural state, and that natural states brings back memories, of when you were this. Repressed memories of this fredom of expression, where you felt that everything was possible. And if you have already lived the mind, if you have had enough, you can go in that home, you are more than welcome, because now you understand yourself, and you are not selling the truth, for anything or anyone, and it becomes your task to bring that to every part of you, it just comes naturally, you learn it alone all by yourself, it comes with its own rythm once you know yourself, and you are not afraid anymore to face yourself. Are we alive or not? Good luck!! And follow yourself.


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