Day 100 – What is life? Why are we here? Who are we?

So this is Raúl, and in this blog I am going to answer these questions, with all that I am in this moment.

First question, what is life? I can’t give you an straight answer. In relation to what? In relation to my past, my present, my future? Or in relation to all of it? Let’s says the most honest answer, in relation to everything that I am, what is life, for me?

Life doesn’t exist. It’s like, I feel that with the question you are asking me to say something big and intricate, but really, life hasn’t existed. So, what is life? Life is nothing, for you or for me. It has some laws, like, we are going to be in a body, in a physical existence, and have a mind, etc… but in terms of the totallity of who we are, in terms of the most complete and honest answer, life is nothing.

I’m going to jump to the third question, who are we? I don’t really understand what who means. You know, I am here, everything is right here, so what do you mean with who? I can’t even explain you, I am something big, too big for the mind, but who I am is very simple, if you could just look at me and see the totallity of who I am you would understand in a moment. All the pain and the joy and the lessons and everything that has lead me to this point of self-realization. And that’s nothing special or awesome, really. But it is something I am very proud of, it’s something you can trust, it’s something that is going to solve a lot about this world, something that heals much, it has healed me. Well, who I am is easy to explain, I am person who has grown and realized a lot, and in this life there is only one thing I desire, only one, it’s bringing all of us together, and helping everything that exists. I have had a lot of stories in my life with this point, I have gone through a lot of weirds paths in the search for something to make feel like I am someone, like I am complete, and that’s some of the wisdom I have gathered, and it all has lead me to myself, to be here with me, to trust me. Because you are who you allow yourself to be. I am a person tring to help this so lost human world, tring at the same time to be one and equal to everything that exists, because if I am to be something, I want to be that for real, I don’t want to trick myself, and it’s very easy, because ego is pleasant, but there is something beyond that and that is who I am, the one who makes everything have sense. Without that, everything is lost, and all my efforts have been for nothing. People in this world are used to believe that there is nothing worth being honest with the totallity of who you are, and I think we have to change that, every one of us deserves that and must find their own meaning, one to sacrifice themselves for. So, following my own words, who am I? I am growing each day, to sacrifice myself, for something that makes me trascend myself, so I can really live, so I can understand what being myself means, so I can follow this vision that I see within myself, when I see all that I am and have been, and all that I can become, a vision that unifies my existence, and all the existence of this world. There has been enough sleeping, more than enough, no more. It’s now time to be.

And, the third question. Why am I here? Why means for what. I am here for that sacrifice I talked about, but it’s not really a sacrifice. It seems like that, but it’s the understand of oneselve, it’s a self-realization of who we really are. It’s when you stop having a choice, because you always know what you have to do, you always know the only thing that will utterly make you in harmony. So, the “sacrifice” it’s simply allowing yourself to not have a life based on self-interest. This is how far we have distanced us from ourselves, from the simplicity of life.

The truth about this world it’s not pretty. But there is so much more than that.



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