Day 139 – My last post on this blog

This is my last post in this blog. I am not the same person that started it, and even if I have changed each time I have expressed myself, I think it’s time to move on. It’s not the end of everything, but it is the end of this part of my life. It doesn’t matter if you read one part of a blog, or you have read every and each single blog I have writen, you have been part of my journey here, I have shared here everything, everything that I don’t feel identified with. I have talked literally about everything, because this blog for me meant taking everything out, I had so much I had to take out, and in this blog I have done that for me, in each possible way I could imagine. I needed this because I have lived quite a life, it has gone so fast, I have felt so many things, and they are there, at the same time that they are here. With each part of me I have lived, I have left a missing little part of who I was, in my life I have divided myself in different ways, and this blog meant me expressing that, in the only way I could or knew how.

So if you see the totallity of what has been writen in this blogs, it is everything I don’t feel identified with. I deserve more than this blog, I deserve to end this. And it’s not the end of everything, in the end there is a new beggining, and in the beggning there will always be and end, this is the nature that we exist in, and who understand this understands life, life works like that, and I am not here to judge it anymore, I am here to walk with life and become life. I have to start something new.

Thank you for reading the realization of this man. One that he didn’t really judge, he just took it out of him by expressing it. Don’t compare me, you can not compare me. Don’t judge me, there is nothing here to be judged.

Cya another time, in another place!!


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