Day 143 – The message of life

I am here right now, so I am going to talk for me, and maybe there is something that you can learn from my words that is good for you and for everybody.

If you are here, don’t let people tell you that you are wrong, push people beyond their limits. Don’t accept their reactions in you, don’t let them change you, don’t let them convince you to deny yourself, instead be the living directive principle of yourself, and maybe you change this world or maybe not, maybe they use you, maybe they laugh at you, but you might be doing so much more than you think, you might actually be supporting yourself.

It’s sometimes hard to accept, that our life is our responsibility, sometimes we want to hide, or be lazy, or waste our time, or judge people, judge ourselves, buy unneeded stuff, sometimes we just separate ourselves from who we really are, and it’s never justified, because you are you, and if you don’t create and manifest yourself in this world in all ways and forms, how are you even going to do it??? We must stand equal in all possible scenarios, not because somebody says so, because you heard the words of somebody else and they in some way resonated with you… they in some way remembered you of something you  don’t remember… we must stand equal because of ourselves! Because we are ourselves! Because we remember ourselves! Because we can not forget it, we are life. Nothing should get in your way of realizing life, not even yourself, our life depends on this, because we are here for a limited time, and yes, this limited time means something, means you, and in this life we have all separated ourselves from who we are, from our life. So be yourself if you read this now, don’t let anybody fool you, don’t fool yourself, everything exists in you, and you know everything you need to know to know yourself and realize yourself, this is about you, this is about taking self-responsability, this is about being who we are, we are all one and the same, we are not the degradation we have become because of our mind, our mind degradates us, and do you want to know why? To feel right, to have ego, to justify something without taking life in consideration, do you imagine this mind? It’s just a mind saying that it exists and it is right, because it exists, how untrustworthy and deceptive can that be?! It’s the tool for mind control, exactly, from the mind. We need to have a free choice, clear, so we can decide for ourselves, humanity is possessed, and it’s for nothing, it’s in the name of lies, abuse.

If you read this, if you can learn something from me: trust yourself. Don’t be afraid to fail, failing is not bad, not taking responsibility is bad. Just trust yourself, is the best you can do, to follow your path and find your own truth, don’t be afraid of being bad. Accept who you are, and do something about it. Because you exist in this moment to create the way you live. Don’t live the same day, after day, after day, don’t give up, don’t surrender to the illusion, it’s an illusion, it is what it seems, and what it seems it’s not real. Our whole life is based on a perception of what ‘things seem’. Nothing is real! No-thing. Your whole mind is a lie. Create something best for all, and you will live forever. It’s a moment of self-acceptance.

All humanity could stand as one right now, but it is our choice. We could someday in the whole world, in the random cities, start realizing ourselves and realizing others, at a speed we have never seen before. But for this we need you. We need all humanity standing as one and saying no-more-abuse! But I guarantee you something, we could end all abuse, live forever, and we would mean something. We would join something bigger than ourselves, and that’s the purpose of absolutely everything that exists…

You can join my community, it’s called Desteni, we have free courses, and if you want to go deeper there is even a web called eqafe with absolutely everything that the human mind consists of. Dare to be more than yourself! This is the free course:



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