Day 146 – Being alone

Being alone it’s the coolest thing I have ever remembered. I used to be alone when I was a child, and many many many things happened to me, but it’s time for them to leave, the sooner, the better. I can not be lying to myself all my life, sometimes it’s confortable to believe my own lies, but no, I don’t need to victimize myself, and I don’t need your support, or the support or this blog, or anyone, I don’t need it. I am myself, and I am alone, I have nothing to prove, and I don’t care what you think. I neither care about what I think, because I am tired of my past, I am tired of wasting more time, lies don’t exist, I don’t exist, this don’t exist, things are meant to be the way they are meant to be. And why should I avoid or delay that? I’ll let things be what they are.


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