Day 147 – The distance between people

We, all humans, know something fundamental. It’s a point we are borned and created from, it’s who we are. This point is: I am life, one with all that exists. But, at a certain point we are faced with a decition, should I continue living in equality with life? Or should I allow myself to explore this other different world of lies? It’s just a click, if I make the decition, if I allow myself to become this, I’ll be… “more”, in some way, and I will live that as myself and explore it.

It’s hard, almost impossible, to remain true to yourself in this world. It’s not something impossible, but yes not likely to happen. Because to remain as yourself, means being alone in a whole world, lost in the woods, with each shadow you see wishpering you to allow yourself to abuse. And you are new in life, you feel “The first human who ever lived”, The one, you are alone inside your reality, so there is nothing to guide you, only you exist there. And you are drown, like everyone else, to simply exist, the way things are, and allow everything to remain as it is. You become this world. Because at a certain point, you are tired of pulling, of creating resistance, you are being pushed all the time, and it gets stronger and stronger, so, there is a moment that you accept it inside yourself, and then a moment of, absence happens, because you have given up your fundamental truth, your starting point, the one you were borned from. And it seems like nothing will change, but nothing will be the same, and then you’ll feel finally, “in place”, or at least, you will fit, and you will be able to stop that honest way that would have led you to the ultimate chaos.

And it’s in a moment which you are alone thinking with yourself that that happens. Some people accept it before, at birth, others later. And the decition in itself is very simple; from that fundamental lie you accept, something else is borned, a language. That language is created from a fundamental law, which is: I am not the solution, that thought is the solution. There is a separation that happens, and the whole human life is lived from there. There is a mark left deep inside, at the very core, a memory, a distant dream, because we never forget that once we were The one, for real, once we were not divided, once everything was working according to everything, and it was YOU moving, creating, manifesting, EVERYTHING. That by itself it’s not good or evil, it’s just one way to express. But one thing is certain, it is not limited to small ideas, fractions of yourself. When you express yourself as, everything, you are not working towards anything. You are real, honest or dishonest, it’s that simple, and from there you act and move and be. And we never forget that, we are not able to, because in the same way we have walked our life, we can walk it backwards, untill we find ourselves, and then we see it. We see the moment we accepted it, the first lie. And we will live our lifes looking for something, like if we knew even what directions we are going.

And the answer, the solution, it’s not pretty. It could not be, you have cooked it, you have eaten it, and you have created it. And it’s going to be on you. And now, today, it’s not as simple as “Oh well, I died, I now understand, cool!”. Now, you have to take responsability for yourself, and that means taking responsability for everything, so now the game is over, now we are standing up for real, for everthing, for ourselves, wether we die or not.

And it depends on how you see and apply yourself, but most of the times it’s normal to feel regret, because you have done it to yourself, and that’s hard to accept, that you would ever do that. But you did it and you became addicted to the energy between those parts of yourself. The energy that you create from that which is missing. We wait secretly for death to set us free, we know it deep inside, that we are meant to die no matter what, and we are in fact craving for it because it would mean the death of me as divided parts, and it would be the beggining of that which I was waiting… and I will be able to say, finally…

And so, we as humans, have hard times communicating, really communicating to each other. Because each one is focused on his individual thought, which even if it seems just a normal acceptable thought, it was originated from that first lie all the way till that thought. So it’s hard too comunicate for real. But sometimes, if both individuals have in mind the same thing, themselves as life with everything, communication can happen, because it’s not about their individual thoughts, it’s about that which is meant to be communicated. And that thing is magnetic, in the sense that, it is everything, and everything belongs to it.

So, if we are communicating for real, and we understand each other, cool! If we don’t how could this be? How can be even possible, that communicating about the same thing, which is that which is best for all, we have different opinions and views about it? How could that happen? And it’s from that calmed sharing of perspectives, that both individuals will say to each other, I want to know deeply why you think this way, because I can not understand it, and there is something missing here, and we should fill the gap, we just have to. And then, the dishonesty will be revealed, or both will learn something, which makes both of us, cooler!

So, how to communicate? Don’t believe your own words, they may be chosen by you, they may be who you are, but they mean nothing to you, because there is only one things that matters, there is only one god: life with yourself and absolutely all the rest that exists. If that is clear, and you don’t believe yourself, you can communicate as yourself, with total confidence in your words, with the goal of uncovering the dishonesty in the conversation; the point we missed that does not take the truth of each life in consideration. The truth of each life, can not be defined by you, or by me, we should not believe it, because the less atracted we are to believes, the less we are as them, the more we exist as one, as that fundamental truth which we once denied, which is essential for both to exist. So this communication, wether it creates a lot of energy and reactions or a few, can not be denied, avoided, supressed, because it is the only way for life to be borned, for unity to be manifested from the dishonesties, this won’t happen if we oppress communication, if we create any absolute law, if we avoid conflict, because we perceive something else to be more important than deffending my own truth, there is absolutely nothing more important than that, it doesn’t matter who says the opposite, wether it’s desteni, or god, or the pope, there is nothing or anyone you can trust, you are alone, don’t rely on anything to define you or you will never grow up and reach your true potential. Stand up for that which you can not be silent about, no matter the cost, even if it is conflictive with the truth of another, even if you fear conflict, don’t deny the thing that you see when you have reactions of thoughts and you create your own path, don’t deny that which is the direction that you are walking, your absolute wish; no, there is nothing more important than uncovering the lies, and that can only be done through your own truth, we should not be afraid of that, since it’s the only way. If there is something that you consider not to be alligned with life, believe in yourself, completely, don’t be weak when we are talking about life, be stronge enough to show the truth and explain yourself, but at the exact same time, listen, please, listen, don’t let yourself sacrifice life, for that which you call life. It does not matter, sometimes it just don’t, sometimes we create innecesary problems, we do, and it’s up to each one to decide when it’s necessary and when it’s not, but sometimes it’s not, and it’s not worth it, because you will distance yourself from the people that you are so close to, and you will in fact lose, and regret, everybody will lose, for something which does not matter. So don’t fall into that, let this choice absolutely clear, and be clear about the first thing I said: don’t believe your own words, because they exist in separation, and accepting this it’s not a weakness, because there is no need to be stronge, because there is no need to win, because sometimes we sacrifice life for that which we call life, because we perceive ourselves to exist outside of ourselves. We get lost in the most uncontradictory, obvious, way, and you forget one essential truth of who you are.

These are the two sides of the coin when you communicate, you can’t lack strenght to express yourself since you are sacrificing yourself for your own truth, you just will not, you prefer to die rather than attacking your own heart with dishonesties. And other times, the exact opposite, there is no need, it does not matter, don’t believe your words, because they don’t exist with life, you are within separation, and you have overcompesated the first side of the coin. And it’s not that it should not exist, it’s that both sides of the coin are equally important for life to be manifested.

So! Absolute balance! That said, it’s you who are living, don’t regret yourself.


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