Day 156 – My mind as directive principle

I am really tired because I barely rest, but I am going to write myself briefly here. Sometimes I think that the things that go through my head, the thoughts, these stories and things I see, are normal and it’s the way life is, what happens is that I always have the experiencia of not being the directive principle of myself. One thing I like about stopping myself and the things that go through my head it’s that I get an honest feeling of relax and focused precise breathing, like if I had been waiting to finally stop thinking and be here in the momento, being next to myself. Then later in my life I conplain when I am not capable of being in control of all my energies and use them at their 100% purely in living actions which are best for me, but who allows it it’s me when I allow my mind to relax and have power over me, and this is not related to Desteni or how I have defined my process to be, this is something I must do for myself, because it is good for me, and because whatever it is I decide to do in my life if I don’t stop my mind, I am not going to be in control, and therefore eventually I’ll see the consecuences of that. The difference between autopilot thoughts, and consciouslly visiting throughs with a specific intention, like planning something for example, it’s a difference too meaninfull to not get to know it in its entirety. If I ever go back to that autopilot of thoughts and movements, it’s because it was my destiny from the beggining and I had to. I believe Desteni is very right and that people are separated from our physicals, we abuse it, and any of us can notice that with taking a look to our own substance, it goes in a direeeeection… then another direeeeection… reacting… and all that. So, when I am here as directive principle of my experience, as that decition, I have the power of creation, and I can control my thoughts much better, and this benefits my life, and my physical and mental health. What I do when I stop being the directive principle is consume my own substance to be entertained, to be “more”. I sincerely know my mind very deeply, I know who I am, and there is another different story which is how oneself lives that story for oneself, that’s a more conplex realm. They are the parts that you know, but they way they interact with each other and the way you use them is what defines them. So even if it takes more awareness and of paying attention to oneself and stop doing what one is doing with these parts that move inside one’s own head, it is worth it because it gives more meaning to your life, and it allows you to be who you are in what you do at your 100%, and this only takes place in a disciplined mind.


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