Day 154 – Afraid of smiles

Throughout my life, my bright side, my honesty, became a part of me that I deliberately used to betray myself, and that's why when I see an expression of certainty in someone else, of trust, kindness, joy, I tend to think that that person does not deserve it, because he or she will betray himself... Continue Reading →


Day 153 – Mind energy possesions and leaving process

I am not here to remain in conflict, I am here to express my commitment to remain in my process. Neither I am here to say that I did an impressive achievement by this decition. Yes, when you have moments of energy possesions it's hard to see, because you freak out, but in Eqafe you... Continue Reading →

Day 146 – Being alone

Being alone it's the coolest thing I have ever remembered. I used to be alone when I was a child, and many many many things happened to me, but it's time for them to leave, the sooner, the better. I can not be lying to myself all my life, sometimes it's confortable to believe my... Continue Reading →

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