Day 151 – My reincarnation and who I really am

This blog was writen the moment I listened to the whole serie of reincarnation and the afterlife in, I had already bought some interviews, the first ones, and these brought a familiar sensation to me, like if I was conecting with a part of me that I already knew. But it wasn't until I... Continue Reading →


Day 143 – The message of life

I am here right now, so I am going to talk for me, and maybe there is something that you can learn from my words that is good for you and for everybody. If you are here, don’t let people tell you that you are wrong, push people beyond their limits. Don’t accept their reactions... Continue Reading →

Day 103 – Nature vs force

Growing naturally, allowing the rythm of nature to take controll would be a revolucionary concept. Because of the way we have been all our lifes we tend to believe in force. We believe that, if I am suffering because of this I must stop it I must change and I must grow. And we try... Continue Reading →

Day 80 – A story

Hello, I am going to tell you a story I have invented in my mind some moments ago. It's invented but real, because it felt while I was creating that I already knew it. I am going to talk to you about what I see exists after death. I am going to go for the... Continue Reading →

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