Day 143 – The message of life

I am here right now, so I am going to talk for me, and maybe there is something that you can learn from my words that is good for you and for everybody. If you are here, don’t let people tell you that you are wrong, push people beyond their limits. Don’t accept their reactions... Continue Reading →


Day 127 – When living your potential gets in the way of living your self-expression

Today I was emotionally down. Nothing particular happened, well I had a very big nightmare early in the morning, but other times I have recovered from that, today I was simply down emotionally. Normally when I get like that, I get stressed, because I don't understand why is happening, I want to feel good I... Continue Reading →

Day 125 – When does love mean something?

First I'd like to say, this text was initially created using the words 'We' 'People' 'Ourselves' 'you', but I decide to stick to my own truth, and share my experience as I am individually experiencing it, since I can not talk about the experience of the rest of people, since this blog is about myself.... Continue Reading →

Day 95 – Feeding of me

What I explain in these blogs, is the information that it's coming out of my life, and as long as it is usefull it will keep coming out. What I felt I did not understand it, I can explain it now, but when I was a child it was "the way things are". I allowed... Continue Reading →

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